FAQ’s: all what do you need to know about Spes.

How does Spes work?

Spes is an e-commerce site meant to help others less fortunate. SPES is based in Italy with top quality, eco-sustainable material totally certified bio by the supplier.

Funds collected by the sale of T-Shirts will be used for charity.

How will the funds be distributed

The funds will be used according to need and based on their availability. The amount of funds at Spes’disposal will be determined by your generosity.  The more T-shirts sold the more funds we will have to share.

How can I verify how my donation has been used?

With the System of “Traceability”.

If I need help can I contact Spes?

At any given moment our staff, with immense pleasure, will be at your disposal by simply clicking on the area “Contacts”.

How can I pay for my purchase?

You can use a credit card via PayPal (you do not need an account) or with your PayPal account.

Are returns allowed?

Spes cannot accept returns as our goal is charitable. If for some reason once you receive your T-shirt you change your mind you can always gift it to a friend or relative.

Your generosity will be doubly appreciated.

Are Spes T-shirts quality products?

Our T-shirts are made to elevated standards with bio fabric and inks exclusively of the best quality. They are made by regular workers not by children in sweatshops. Certifications to this effect can be found by visiting the appropriate area on our website.

  • T-Shirt Ama

    Si Vis Amari Ama
    Se vuoi essere amato, ama
    If you want be loved, love
    Si quieres ser amado, ama.

  • T-Shirt Gignit

    Amor Gignit Amorem
    L’amore genera amore
    Love generates love
    El amor genera amor

  • T-Shirt Essentia

    Amor est vitae essentia
    L’amore è l’essenza della vita
    Love is the essence of life
    El amor es la esencia de la vida
    (Pliny the Younger)

  • T-Shirt Quod

    Ama Et Fac Quod Vis
    Ama e fai quello che vuoi
    Love and do what you want
    Ama y haz lo que quieras
    (Saint Augustine)